Is There An Ideal Age For Boudoir?

“Can any woman be too old for boudoir?” This question popped into my mind after my mom came across my pictures of a boudoir shoot in my own bedroom. The whole idea of being a “sexy kitten” to be captured in a photo was fairly unfamiliar with my mom at that time. She was 54.

Her generation simply wasn’t aware that the concept existed under society’s prejudices. So my mom was surprised I’d posed in such a daring manner. She shook her head and sighed, “You guys are lucky to live in this age. I had never known of such a bold photo-taking style! Now that I am over 50, my skin is saggy, my wrinkles are deep, I can’t do this anymore.”

I decided to sit down and reflect on the question of whether age should be a measuring stick with which we put an invisible constraint to be sexy in our own skin. The younger generation certainly has more freedom to explore and express their sexuality. But that doesn’t mean the older generation cannot do the same! 

One might feel insecure about their age, their skin no longer elastic and firm. We as a society dictate what could be acceptable as “sexy”. Sexy doesn’t usually have to be youthful. Sexy can also be “confident in your own skin” no matter how old you are or what life’s put you through. 

One of my most favorite TV characters of all time is Samantha Jones in Sex and the City. She was fierce, confident, funny, charismatic, open-minded, and independent. Above all, she didn’t bother with what society might have to say. She was approaching middle age, and it seemed like nothing could shake her confidence off the ground. Samantha was the epitome of female power and confidence. She embraced her sexuality and acted comfortable in her own skin so much that men worshipped her feet. She knew age would not define her as a person, her inner beauty, her struggles, her experience. Samantha Jones dressed in sexy lingerie, took nude photos, and hung it on her wall near the entrance! 

It’s time we put that all too common misconception that “beauty is defined by age” to rest for good thanks to Samantha Jones! Also, many boudoir portfolios have quite a few grandmothers! 

With our professional experience, advice on the correct wardrobe and posing, skilled stylists, and an expressed desire to have you looking your best, you will not regret booking a boudoir session with Eleven Boudoir! You will look sublime in your own skin under our lenses. 

Boudoir photography is a fantastic opportunity to rejuvenate your sense of self. Gone are the days when after motherhood or one’s 40th Birthday was the end of sexy. Throw out those preconceived notions you may have succumbed to in your life. Many mothers have stretch marks, saggy skin, wrinkles, and scars. Accept that we are human and we are not perfect. It’s the attitude that counts and makes one alluring. With boudoir, you are able to direct your own physical being, props, and settings to minimize the things you don’t like and show off the things you do.

This is time for you to find your inner Samantha Jones, to embrace and live life to the fullest, despite what anyone might have to say! You have one life, be the director of it! By the way, my mother booked a boudoir session and she was absolutely thrilled.

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